We select our raw materials very carefully,
in order to assure the best result
in the final product.

Yerba Mate with stem, gluten free.
Without T.A.C.C.
Presentation: 500g.
Manufactured and packaged by SANESA.
R.N.E. Nº: 14000626

How to prepare a good mate

Fill ¾ of the mate with yerba.

Cover the mate with your hand, turn it upside down and shake it softly.

Bring the mate to it’s initial position, caring to mantain the yerba on one side.

Slowly pour warm water in the empty side of the mate, in order to get the yerba wet, but avoiding getting it soaked.

Once the previous stages are completed, place the bombilla (straw) in the empty spot.

Heat water until it’s first boiling point without reaching it fully.

Start filling the mate with water, without moving the bombilla. The dry part of the yerba will get wet as mates are being served.


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