"We take the best components from nature in order to achieve this genuine product. We have a strict quality control procedure, that goes from the plantation to the production process, in order to guarantee an outstanding final product. We know yerba mate very well, we respect nature."

The quality of our products

Because we value our customers, the quality of our products is optimal. We control the quality of the raw materials (Yerba Mate, Tea), supplies, products in process and final products. Both the production plant and products are subject to permanent external audits, which ensures quality.

That is why we have the Food Safety Certification, production management system that ensures the quality and food safety of our products.

Food Safety System Certification 22000


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Manufacturing and legal address: Luis candelaria 1751 - (3360) Oberá, Misiones, Argentina

Phone: +54 3755 424924 (Rollover Lines)
Fax: +54 3755 427512

E-mail: calidad@sanesa.com.ar